Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.

A successful project starts with planning and design; no matter how small or large the project. A well-considered design will bring your idea to fruition and minimise any potential disruptions in the build process.

Outdoor Society provides a comprehensive design and project management service. We will work collaboratively with you to create a unique, custom landscape design that not only fulfils your brief, but meets your individual lifestyle requirements. Our team of experts meticulously create masterful designs that compliment the aesthetic of your property whilst providing functional solutions that maximise the usage of your outdoor space.

The Design Process

Initial Consultation

  • One of our professional landscape designers will arrange a free site visit to assess your property and the proposed space
  • Here we will learn more about your ideas, lifestyle requirements and design objectives
  • During this consultation we will discuss design and construction options suitable to your existing space
  • Based upon the consultation a design proposal will be prepared outlining any costs associated with the design of your dream outdoor space

Design Proposal

  • Several design options for both hard and soft landscaping will be explored and presented for client review
  • A survey will be arranged to facilitate the location of site features

Developed Concept

a. Once the successful outdoor design has been selected, a complete Cad design will be prepared illustrating how all of the elements come together to create your beautiful outdoor space.

b. Documentation is provided before beginning the construction stage

Please contact us to discuss your design requirements

Design FAQs

How long is the process ?2019-12-13T17:24:26+11:00

The design process generally takes between 8 to 12 weeks; and is dependent on numerous variables; ie the complexity of the Project, Councils and yourself.

What do we design ?2019-12-13T17:23:43+11:00

Landscapes, pools, outdoor spaces, alfresco’ s, balconies, building renovations; we can help you with all of these and much more

For more complex structures, additional drawings/drafting may be required

When should I have a design prepared ?2019-12-13T17:22:56+11:00

Planning and design can never happen too early. Whether it’s an existing home or a new home build, a design will be of great benefit and give clear direction for your space.

What is the design process ?2019-12-13T17:22:19+11:00

The design process involves three stages;

  • initial consult
  • concept development
  • final design