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An outdoor space wouldn’t be complete without a pool or spa. Outdoor Society specialise in constructing high quality concrete swimming pools and spas.

Whether this is an entirely new pool or a rejuvenation of an existing pool or spa; we work to deliver quality construction and efficient project management. One benefit of installing a concrete pool is that unlike fibreglass pools, we have the unique ability to construct them in almost any scenario, including sites with limited access and sloping blocks. Concrete pools also boast the impressive advantage of being completely custom built so we can strategically design them to fit into almost any size or shape space, creating an exquisite result, unique to your space.

Please contact us to discuss your swimming pool or spa project.

Pools FAQs

What kind of pools and spas do you build ?2019-12-13T17:32:53+11:00

We specialize in building custom concrete swimming pools and spas. We are also experienced in renovating existing pools and spas to bring them back to life.

What features can be implemented into a swimming pool ?2019-12-13T17:33:28+11:00

Building a concrete pool opens up the possibilities of what can be created. Some possible features of a pool include; self cleaning, negative edges, in pool bench seats, built in spas, full length pool steps, water features, swim jets, auto-covers.

What type of pools can you create ?2019-12-13T17:34:02+11:00

Inifinity pools, courtyard pools, indoor pools, glass edge pools, lap pools, plunge pools, in and out of ground pools, spas, pools for sloping blocks, the possibilities are endless.

How long will it take to build my pool ?2019-12-13T17:34:35+11:00

The elements, specifications, size and scope of your project will ultimately determine the construction durations, as well as external factors. However once the scope of works is ascertained a timeframe will be given.