5 Awesome Pool Renovation Ideas
From A Professional Pool Builder

Are you tossing up whether remodeling your swimming pool is the right choice? Adding new features to your pool and landscape can be an exciting change to heighten the value and experience of your home.

Outdoor Society are trusted professional pool building experts based in Seaford, and work to bring your dreams to reality. Ensuring we satisfy everything you wish, whilst also considering your budget and guaranteeing a high-quality finish.

We make your plan, a reality! If you want it, we make it happen!

If you are wanting to do a remodel but struggling with ways in which you can do so, here are some ideas to get the ball rolling.




Adding New Features


  • Waterfalls:

An outdoor area can be enhanced at night-time by adding in a waterfall with LED lighting. For night-time outdoor entertainment, lighting the waterfall can make the pool a focal point and more accessible when swimming at night, plus the soothing sound of the water flowing into the pool!



  • Water jets:

Water jets and fountain bubblers can be an exceptional addition especially if you have younger kids. Not only is it an aesthetically pleasing upgrade but they are much cheaper than installing a large waterfall. They can be customised by having a vast variety of angles to create different effects that work best with your pool’s layout.



  • Water Slide or Diving Board:

Both a waterslide and a diving board are great fun additions for you and your family to enjoy. If you have an accessible location and certain depths, you will be able to accommodate a slide or diving board. If aesthetic is an issue for you, including a diving rock could suit your pool area. Whilst still considering the right safety a pool rock can look and suit better to your home.




Pool Fencing


Upgrading your pool fence is highly recommended to improve pool safety for yourself and your family. Pool fences can consist of a various number of materials such as:

  • Aluminium
  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Timber Sleepers
  • Glass



Those who have older pools may find that your fencing is very outdated causing the area to feel lower in value. A more elegant and contemporary choice is borderless fencing. This fencing is extremely popular especially to parents as the borderless design allows children to be watched without any obstructions.

Our team is always across the latest Victorian pool fencing regulations, so we can provide guidance on the compliance of your pool fence before you make your decision.



Remodel Your Pool Decking



To get the most out of your new pool renovation, you should consider upgrading the surrounding outdoor living area. Perhaps your decking is rotting, or you may have outgrown your personal space and are wanting to make room for your new taste. There are many different styles of materials you can use that can match your home’s surroundings.

Concrete deck: One of the most popular choices as it is affordable and has a large range of colours and designs available.

Wood decking: Amazingly simple to build and therefore can be much more affordable. Keep in mind that wood decking does require some more maintenance than other materials, which can include some extra costs.

Composite wood decking: Looks almost identical to wood but doesn’t require extra maintenance. The decking won’t wear, fade or rot due to the plastic-like polymer material.

Stone decking: Stone decking is a popular choice due to it coming in various sizes, shapes, and colours. The stone can fit extremely well with a natural aesthetic and usually can tie in well with any home style.

Stone pavers: Usually used in various ways to create compelling patterns. Stone pavers are great for a pool environment due to offering a non-slip surface and being long-lasting.

Unglazed tiles: Tiles can come in countless styles and finishing touches. These tiles add extra chic style to a pool landscape.




Improve Area Around Your Pool


You may be happy with the majority of your pool landscape but feel as though some small added features are needed to give a new feel to the space.

You will need to choose features that are going to work best for your environment and lifestyle. Turning a simple space into a spectacular one can be easy.

If it is the surroundings that are lacking in mood, some added features may include:

  • Plants and Ferns
  • Outdoor bar
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Outdoor BBQ
  • Entertaining area




Improve Your Energy Efficiency


Remodelling your garden doesn’t need to be limited to just new features. There are multiple ways to upgrade and improve the energy efficiency of your pool and poolscape, saving you power, water, and money.

When it comes to thinking about how you can improve old equipment, nothing beats having a safe environment for you and your family with updated safety features. You will want to get the most out of your pool upgrade including annual savings.


Some of these can include:

  1. Improving pump efficiency
    • Converting to variable speed pumps you can save up to 30 – 45% less energy. Whilst saving on energy usage you can still maintain a suitable pool temperature. Always select a pool pump with a timer to ensure no energy is wasted.
  1. Water temperature efficiency
    • Solar energy is unparalleled when it comes to energy-efficient heating. It is the most eco-friendly way of heating your swimming pool
    • Solar harnesses the natural heat from the sun
    • Solar helps to heat the pool all throughout using a series of tubes that heat the water before it flows into the pool ensuring there are no cold spots
    • It is recommended you also have a pool cover installed to preserve the temperature more efficiently.
  1. Saltwater conversion
    • There is no need for buying and or handling any chemicals! Pools that use saltwater require much less maintenance whilst also run a lower cost.



Remodelling your outdoor space can be an exciting and special time. With your trusted professionals at Outdoor Society, we can convert your ideas from your head to reality.

If you are wanting to discuss your ideas or need more information on renovating your pool, please contact our team of landscapers today.


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Phone: 0403 227 461

Email: info@outdoorsociety.com.au

Address: 3/30 Peninsula Boulevard,

Seaford VIC 3198

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