Succulent - Cactus:
Landscapers Plant Of The Month

Botanical name: Parodia magnifica

Common Name: Ball Cactus

Height: 7-15cm

Width: 45cm

Light: Half to Full sun

Growth rate: Medium

Soil: Likes deep pot with generous drain holes which mainly consists of non-organic material such us clay, pumice, lava grit

Flowers: Yellow  

Origin: Southern Brazil


The appearance of the Ball Cactus has its whole stem covered by yellow spines. During the summer yellow crowns form in the shape of a flower. The low maintenance plant has great qualities that allow it to be cared for all around the world:

  • Not prone to pest and disease attack
  • Excellent for garden decoration


many indoor cacti inside different pots





Everybody has their own uniqueness. We like to stand out in the world, to be different and to show off our own diversity. In our homes, we want to portray our personality which is why succulents and cacti are perfect to spice up your home. 

If you were to ask me what my favourite succulent would be I wouldn’t be able to answer. Succulent colours range from common light greens and yellow to a rich dark green, often shades of grey and even blue. Brighter colours include shades of orange, pink, red and yellow. They come in all shapes and sizes from large to small, to textured, smooth, spiky, or chubby – there are many fascinating types.

The Ball Cactus are easy to grow and they are easier to care for, making them a perfect plant for a beginner. This perfect houseplant can withstand various weather conditions and can survive through a drought even if they not watered for a while. Now that’s the great thing about this plant!


close up picture of a ball cactus





Cacti are distinctive in their variety of shapes and sizes, fuzzy or smooth; There is one for everyone. 

The dreamy plants lure me into the world of cacti as they’re also extremely easy to maintain. There is nothing that makes me more guilty than when I buy a house plant and it gets left so neglected that she starts to droop and die. 

Cacti love to store water which allows them to retain the water to help them survive. The spines usually are modified leaves and their wax coating retains the moisture of the water for a much longer time. MEANING if you’re like me with plant watering every day they will be simply fine once a week. A splash of water and a little bit of sunshine and they will be alive for years!


air plant inside a glass vase





So, you’re probably wondering how many types of cacti there are. This plant family consists of 2,500 species from all over the world. Some of these species adapted to growing in climates with little to absolutely no rain and some adapted to tropical and rainforest climates. 

Cacti are not native to Australia; however, they do strive in our climate. From the thousands of species, you do need to be careful as there are 27 types that are prohibited in Victoria. 

Some popular cacti that can be grown in Melbourne include:

  • Acanthocalycium Thionanthum
  • Armatocereus Godingianus
  • Ball Cactus
  • Ferocactus
  • Melocactus Bahiensis


picture of different cacti inside a shop





1. Location

Cacti love SUN! Originating from desert climates you’d be able to guess that the Cactus loves to be in a location with the sun. Keep in mind that a cactus can burn if it is left in direct sunlight behind a glass window, so if your cactus does start to turn yellow or brown, just move it to a spot to cool down.


2. Pests

Cacti are known for bacterial and fungal disease problems caused by overwatering. Ensure you observe the plant for any unwelcome guests and make sure your plant gets the right amount of sun, water and drainage.


3. Put your indoor plant outdoors sometimes

Having your cactus indoors is perfectly fine although to keep your cactus at its optimum health, during summer it is a great idea for you to take your plant outside for a period of time. 


4. Watch out for overwater

A common reason for a cactus to die is from overwatering. You should always allow the soil to completely dry out in between each watering. Once your cacti start to look shrivelled it is an indication the plant needs to be watered.


a spiky cactus inside a home office





  • Better indoor air quality
  • Increase our productivity 
  • They can live anywhere
  • Can improve happiness
  • Caring for an indoor cactus can be therapeutic


a large broken pot holding little pots of cactus


It may not seem as though having a cactus in your home would provide health benefits, but it can! They can improve both physical and mental for you in your home all while looking great, making you feel good and adding natural colour and style.

If you are looking into buying a new houseplant this year definitely consider a cactus. Between a striking aesthetic and easy low maintenance requirements, the Cactus is the perfect houseplant for those looking for a simple but pleasing plant.


picture of a ball cactus inside a terracotta pot



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