Living Big In Small Spaces
(Ideas For Landscaping A Small Backyard)

Who doesn’t dream of that perfect backyard with acres upon acres for family outdoor spaces or the ultimate pool and BBQ area? However, with the majority living in urban areas, the reality for most of us is a small area for a garden and entertaining space.

Landscaping in the Bayside and Mornington Peninsula region can be complex. When you combine coastal ground conditions with a small space, it’s easy to assume you may need a dull garden. Fortunately, a local professional landscaper can provide some tips for you to perfect a beautiful outdoor space.

Knowing how to make a small garden look bigger can be challenging in your landscape design….


So, how do you live big in a small space?


When faced with a small outdoor space, cramming too many luxuries into a minimal space can create a clustered environment. Making use of the existing space calls for creativity about how to arrange and furnish adequately to create that luxury illusion. You want to decide what you cannot live without and make those a priority.

Read below some ideas of what you could add to your garden to showcase its full potential!


vertical garden in small backyard




Your space may be small, but the sky is your limit! A vertical space will help your garden claim a space for its own and complement the open feeling your outdoor space already has.

Having a vertical garden can fill your landscape with greenery and additionally takes away the impression of a boundary, meaning you can grow more but in less space!

Many Melbournians are leaning towards apartment living, meaning there is not a whole lot of space for a garden. However, that should not stop your dream of having a beautiful outdoor space, many homeowners have decided to grow up with vertical gardens.

Using Trellises on a wall or fence can allow you to grow many climbing plants. If you are a complete newbie or looking for some plants to grow for your vertical garden, here are 4 plant recommendations you should add to your vertical garden:

  • Ferns
  • Devils Ivy
  • Giant Lilyturf
  • Orchids

When it comes to designing and installing your vertical garden to get the best results, hiring a professional landscaper with years of authentic experience will be able to deliver you expert recommendations and guide you in the right direction.




looking outside to garden from inside house




Your outdoor space can see benefits from organising. For example, whenever you see a small backyard with a BBQ, loads of furniture, a garden etc. it looks very cluttered.

If you take that same area and add decking leading out your backdoor with outdoor furniture and an outdoor kitchen to gather the perspective of how it feels like to sit inside. In addition, planting a herb garden around the outline decking now instantaneously makes your outdoor living space appear more inviting.

Connecting your indoor and outdoor living spaces visually can make them feel a whole lot bigger. Using similar colours and furniture such as floor to ceiling windows helps create a flawless flow and blur the lines in both spaces.




custom made wall with lighting in backyard




To create the illusion of having a larger outdoor area adding curves when working with narrower spaces. Drawing the eye away from narrow length and towards points of interest. To help soften a living zone and to draw the eye to focus points, curves create a flow enhanced between areas of your home.

For both an inviting and comforting aesthetic curves can make for a cosy and powerful setting. I believe when used correctly curves create a sense of movement and a more natural feel rather than a linear progression.

Lighting is a crucial and important element for creating both texture and visibility in the construction of enhancing your landscape at night-time. Having the right lighting will highlight and amplify your elements to life.

Lighting invites an easy way to fill the vertical space in your yard for a more conformable and inviting space. At night to give depth in your garden hardscape such as:

  • Stairs
  • Decks
  • Retaining walls
  • Water feature allowing to highlight interesting architectural features.



Instead of a massive extravagant water feature, you can still achieve the same outcome with some smaller water features:

  • Wall mounted water feature
  • Stone sculpture for a narrow backyard area
  • A vessel in which shoots a small fan of water creating a sense of flow






Although you may be restricted when you land horizontally, adding height vertically can give a bigger impression of size.

Whilst building up would be the first thought, consider building down to add the extra element of a whole other level in your landscape design. Although you may need an experienced landscape professional for the design, dropping the height of the patio with possibly some seating can visually make your garden to appear larger.

The eye can be drawn upwards with vertical features including:

  • Narrow trees
  • Climbing vines
  • Tall ceilings
  • Built in planter boxes
  • Trellises on walls or fences

Pergolas can add an attractive vertical dimension, can disguise any areas you want to hide whilst giving the eye another view of your space.


As you can see there are plenty of ideas for landscaping a small backyard. If you would rather leave the heavy lifting and planning to a professional landscaper or landscape designer, don’t be afraid to contact us. We would love to hear from you and your ideas on your new backyard!

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Phone: 0403 227 461


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