Why Choose A Concrete Pool?
4 Benefits From A Melbourne Pool Builder

Here at Outdoor Society, we pride ourselves as qualified landscapers providing unsurpassed knowledge, professionalism, and expertise in delivering quality service and a perfect finished concrete pool/spa. Concrete pools have the longest lifespan of up to 40+ years making them an extremely durable pool which commonly does not need any touch up requirements; this may be done purely for aesthetics.

With summer coming up just around the corner, I am sure you have had the thought of having a pool installed maybe once or twice.

Whilst many on the Mornington Peninsula are fortunate to live by the beach, those in more regional areas may opt to have the access to a pool in the backyard.



Instead of waiting for your summer holiday, bring your holiday to your home for all year round. Fun for the kids to play in, for exercise or even if it’s just to cool down and relax a pool is a great investment for your backyard!
Having a pool comes with many benefits that improve health:

  • Keeps up your heart rate
  • Builds endurance and muscle strength
  • Tones muscles and improves strength
  • Provides an all over body workout

Other benefits include:

  • Peaceful and relaxing exercise
  • Improving body techniques such as flexibility, balance, coordination
  • Alleviating stress



A lot of big decisions and planning come along when going to build and design a pool. However, one of the main decisions you are going to have to make is whether you are going to go with a concrete or a fibreglass pool. Making sure you understand both pool materials is crucial when it comes down which one is right for you.

Here at Outdoor Society our amazing team of professional landscapers pride themselves on their ability to produce high quality concrete pools and spas. Since all concrete pools are produced onsite this allows you as a client, to have an endless amount of involvement in the design process. If you’ve chosen to go with a concrete pool, you will get to make all the executive decisions when it comes to designing your pool with the help of our pool experts. On the contrary, fibreglass pools do not give you the same freedom when it comes to designing your dream pool aesthetic. The pool shells are preexisting molds that already have its shape and size ready to be dropped straight into your backyard.








The look of a concrete pool is unbeatable, there are a wide range of options when designing your own concrete pool; for a concrete pool the shape is fully customizable to fit the space in your backyard; thin, wide even L-shape.

The size determines the space you want to achieve whether for entertainment purposes or just for the family you decide. Fibreglass pools don’t have as much flexibility as they only offer a maximum of 4m width, alternatively concrete pools do not have a limit in the design.

The options on how your pool will suit your backyard is up to you.





If you’ve decided to tile the whole pool you can design to feature any colour you like to reflect in the pool.

If you are after a tiled look you don’t necessarily have to tile the whole pool, tiles around the waterline give the pool a sleek and sophisticated feel.

You will need to consider some other factors when choosing the colour of your pool.

Depending on the surrounds of the pool they should contrast against your pool. If choosing a light coloured pool, you’ll need to consider darker wooden decking, dark granite, ect. Same goes for choosing a dark pool colour you’ll want lighter pool surrounds.





Concrete pools allow complete customisation to meet you and your family’s needs. If there are additional factors that need to be considered such as kids, you will need to think about depth and ledges. This is where concreted pools are great as the custom additions you can include improve the safety, desired look and convenience; installing rails for the safety of those using the pool, in-floor cleaning for lower maintenance, for aesthetic infinity edges and water-features can make your pool feel more luxurious.





Having the complete freedom to create a location for your pool that matches the aesthetic of your home and features of your garden. You’ll have an idea on how you would like to use your pool for entertainment purposes so being able to understand the space around the pool will come as a huge advantage. Maximizing your space to its full ability allows the choice of materials such as decking or paving around your pool. Depending on your land, a concrete pool can be built onto a sloping block or uneasy land, although it is not as easy to do with a fibreglass pool.



The excitement once you start to see your own design come into place and the finishing touches are finalized, you can start enjoying your brand new pool with your family and all the health benefits alongside the fun.

The team of highly experience professional landscapers and pool builders at Outdoor Society encourage the experience of building a concrete pool for your home if you want to have your vision become a reality when it comes to the design process, the colour, any custom additions and the poolscaping for the area.




If you are thinking of wanting to design your own concrete pool for your backyard and want to discuss with us or are just wanting more information on building a concrete pool in Melbourne or the Mornington Peninsula please contact us today.



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Phone: 0403 227 461

Email: info@outdoorsociety.com.au

Address: 3/30 Peninsula Boulevard,

Seaford VIC 3198

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